“I Drink My Coffee and Compete with My Guys” Heats’ Jimmy Butler Leaks Pre-game Routine to Perform Better

To keep his mind distracted, Butler listens to music, drinks coffee, and competes with the guys in a friendly match prior to the playoffs. 

Jimmy Butler, Currently playing for Miami Heat scored his career-high points of 45 against Atlanta Hawks this Tuesday. It was one of the greatest performances of Butler after the last ‘Bubble incident’ two years ago. Heat rallied the game over the Hawks with a score of  115-105 sending them home by this playoff. When asked about his pre-game routines, the star disclosed some of his favorite things to do to relax his nerves. 

Butler sat on the post-game interview after a brilliant performance and an outstanding victory. He discussed his plan before and throughout the game, as well as the strategies of his other players, his ups and downs, and so on.

Upon being questioned, he revealed that he loves listening to Backstreet Boys and playing the card game ‘Spades’. His Instagram holds the proof of it. he goes on to say he loves listening to some music, playing spades, drinking coffee, and competing with his fellow players in a friendly Basketball game. to let go of the heat and clear their mind prior to the tense match, these activities work for him nicely.

Another interviewer questioned him upon scoring 45, did it remind him of the Bubble incident where he scored 40. Reportedly, in the NBA hotel, there was a noise complaint against him. after inquiring, it came out that he was playing Basketball inside the hotel room. He said he is a changed man now. He has learned from that mistake and that has helped him to be a better player and he is happy with his current self. He used to be very aggressive but now he plays with more compassion and patience. 

He finished off the interview by appreciating his mates such as Gabe and Kyle for their strategies. 

Butler fought giants like LeBron James in the playoffs on Tuesday night and scored the greatest point of his career, breaking his previous record of 40.


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