Taylor Swift’s 42-day rule comes to an end as Vikings QB Josh Dobbs takes the throne of NFL’s social media

The NFL has decided to replace Taylor Swift and give her place to Josh Dobbs, the Vikings quarterback. Since Taylor Swift started attending the Chiefs games, she drew an incredible number of viwership to the NFL.

It led to the league honoring her in return by giving her a special place on NFL social media accounts. However, now that spot has been taken by Josh Dobbs ending the 42-day reign of the giant pop star.

Josh Dobbs takes over as NFL’s new social media king

Taylor Swift held the title as the X header on the NFL’s social media for 42 days. The NFL embraced Swift’s presence during Kansas City Chiefs games, adapting its bio and imagery to playfully engage with her budding romance with Travis Kelce.

Previously Swift’s reaction pictures in a Chiefs vs Jets game were on the header. Swift was not only on the header of the NFL X account, but the bio of the account also had lyrics from her song ‘The Best Day.’

Josh Dobbs
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After 42 days of giving Taylor that honor, the NFL has changed the header and posted a picture of Josh Dobbs. The QB’s outstanding performance for the Minnesota Vikings against the Saints became the reason why he replaced Taylor Swift as the X header on the NFL’s platforms.

He gained 312 yards and scored two touchdowns. This incredible performance of Dobbs led the NFL to post a snapshot of the 28-year-old casually sipping a Gatorade on the sidelines. The bio of the account has also been changed to “In Dobbs we trust.”

Josh Dobbs
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Josh Dobbs who is known for his active social media presence himself posted this new bio and wrote, “NFL We [eyes emoji] you!”

It is a great achievement for the quarterback because the NFL hadn’t changed their header for 42 days for any player and he got the chance to replace Travis Kelce’s girlfriend. 

While many Swifties will be disappointed at this switch, the NFL fans will be happier to see a football player on the header and not a music icon. 

Dobbs leads Vikings to win despite unfamiliarity with teammates’ names

Josh Dobbs, traded from the Arizona Cardinals to the Minnesota Vikings, played in a road game against the Atlanta Falcons just five days after joining the Vikings.

He was asked to play in the game because the rookie starter of the team Jaren Hall was injured. Dobbs agreed to play without any prior practice with the offense of the team.

The QB later shared that the coaches asked him before the game how familiar he was with the playbook and will he be able to play. To which he replied, “Anything on this call sheet that we installed this week, I got it. I can run it. I got it.”

Josh Dobbs
Via Daily Norseman

Still, the QB delivered a come-from-behind performance, completing 20 of 30 passes for 158 yards and two touchdown passes, including the game-winning throw to Brandon Powell.

Josh Dobbs, in addition to his passing success, was the leading rusher with seven carries for 66 yards and a touchdown run, contributing significantly to the team’s success.

He even admitted that before playing this game he didn’t even know the names of all his teammates. 

“If we had to pull up a roster of names, I’ll be a bad teammate today,” Dobbs said.

Despite not being familiar with his teammates and the lack of practice, the QB showed an incredible performance. There is no doubt that the Vikings have a great quarterback. 

After his incredible performances, Josh Dobbs deserved to replace Taylor Swift on the X app header of the NFL and deserves all the recognition he is getting. 

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