“That’s just another day at the f**king office” Kwame Brown drops bombshell facts comparing Charles Oakley’s aggression to Draymond Green-Jordan Poole

The staggering tussle between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole, two mighty players for the Golden State Warriors, has left the entire NBA universe overwhelmed. Even the former NBA legends shared their thoughts on the matter, letting the fans unravel deeper insights into what truly happens inside the NBA.

At October 5th’s practice match, an initial verbal dispute between Green and Poole converted to a physical altercation where the invincible power forward went aggressive and raised his hands at Poole. Many have rationalized the recent ongoing contract issues of both players as the sole cause of this unexpected brawl.

Relating to the current fuss, Kwame Brown, the unbeatable Washington Wizards center, divulged some mind-blowing truths regarding one of the best rebounders of all time, Charles Oakley. Brown, who shared the court with Oakley while playing for the Washington Wizards 20 years back, addressed Draymond’s outburst as nothing compared to how MJ’s close friend had been in his nineteen seasons with the league.

The former Wizards center, while revealing his experience in witnessing such brawls between players claimed, “S**t I played on a team with Oakley. He’d slap it. He’d slap a motherfu***r every other day.” Insisting that the viral footage could bring grave circumstances for the four-time NBA All-Star, he added, “the general public is not going to understand that it’s just another day at the f**king office. You don’t normally see them punching like that all the time.”


The first thing Brown would have done as a member of the Warriors was to withdraw from practice, “Everybody fight until you tell me who gave that footage to TMZ because what goes in that locker room and what goes in that practice court is supposed to stay there,” the veteran continued.

The former Wizards player sensed the reason of the fight to be personal, stating the abnormality in hitting Jordan Poole who is an “intricate part” of the team. The 40-year old left a few words for the Warriors star, “Draymond Green is be very motherf**king careful,” as a piece of advice. 

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