Savage attack on WWE Legend Edge’s wife Beth Phoenix leave fans stunned

It was a tragic night for Edge and Beth Phoenix when the Rated R superstar was defeated by Finn Balor with the help of Judgement Day. The dramatic event took place at the Extreme Rules PPV. When Edge fought Balor in an “I Quit Match,” his wife Beth made an unexpected comeback to help him. However, this is not the first time the Hall of Fame couple has been in the ring together.

In recent months, the rivalry between the two former world champions has intensified and picked up momentum. The Judgement Day has grown considerably stronger after the acquisition of Ray Mysterio’s son Dominik Mysterio. Dominik interfered and attacked the Rated R Superstar out of the blue, and that’s how he broke his momentum in the fight, and later Rhea Ripley handcuffed Edge’s arm to the ring ropes, allowing Balor and the rest to beat him down with kendo sticks.

Although Ray came for help, he couldn’t do anything alone against a four-member team. That being said, the match did take a turn when Edge’s wife, Beth Phoenix, came to help her husband. Fans were surprised, as they never expected this comeback to happen in such a way. The fight was somewhat looked balanced for the team Edge, but things soon turned downhill for the Hall of Fame couple.

Just when it was all looking good for the Hall of Fame edge, Rhea Ripley ruthlessly knocked Phoenix down. As Edge was refusing to quit in the “I Quit Match,” but when Rhea threatened to hit his wife with Con-Chair-To, Edge changed his mind and said, “I Quit.” However, despite this, Ripley went on to smash Phoenix with a Con-Chair-To anyway.

Many fans, including Hall of Famer Edge, were taken aback by his wife’s unexpected turn. Additionally, many fans on social media claimed this to be the peak of WWE writing. Many thanked former WWE superstar Triple H for his amazing work at Extreme Rules 2022. Although there were some obvious shocks, the knocking out of the Hall of Fame phoenix with Con-Chair-To was a worthwhile praise, as it is getting on Twitter.

With all that being said, it will be really interesting to see how Edge bounces back from this defeat and if the Hall of Fame couple will return again in the future?


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