“This is embarrassing” Ex-NBA veteran’s bizarre Stephen Curry comparison to Michael Jordan receives hilarious fan reactions

The beauty of a sports community is when one player lavishes praise on another. Recently, a teammate of Stephen Curry praised Curry and faced an attack on social media.

Stephen Curry, a top player for the Golden State Warriors, has matured into a once-in-a-generation performer. As an added bonus, the Dubs’ legion of followers often enjoys drawing parallels between the Dubs’ star and legends like LeBron James and Michael Jordon. Splash Brother’s latest comparison to Jesus Christ by the 4x NBA Champions has left his legion of admirers in shock. They descended upon the star’s response on social media with humorous commentary.


NBA veteran Andre Iguodala made his debut with the Warriors in 2013. He remained a vital part of the squad and helped them win 4 trophies in a decade. Iguodala is well-liked by the Dub Nation faithful, but his recent remark did not escape ridicule from them either.

Andre Iguodala discussed his first year with the Warriors on a recent episode of Club Shay Slay. He then made a contentious claim about the Dub star. His exact words were, “I think I’ve met the closest thing to Jesus Christ, I think I need to start taking Steph more seriously.”

The NBA seldom compares a superstar to Jesus Christ except when it’s Michael Jordan. The legendary Chicago Bulls player was affectionately known as “Black Jesus” by his teammates and fans.

People’s attention was drawn to the podcast when a brief video clip of it appeared on social media. They descended like a plague on the comment area to make fun of Iguodala for his statements. A user reported feeling sick to their stomach. 


However, injuries forced Curry and Iguodala to sit out a large portion of the season. The stars, meanwhile, would be making an appearance in the coming weeks for the fans.

Due to a serious hip injury, the experienced standout for the Dubs was limited to only three games this year. A recent rumor also said that he might make his comeback to the court on Thursday night against the Clippers. Furthermore, with a 31-30 record, the Warriors are now the seventh spot in the Western Conference.

What are your thoughts on Iguodala’s controversial remark on Curry? We sure would love to hear.

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