Three years after drawing inspiration from Conor McGregor, Sean O’Malley mimics the Irishman ahead of Aljamain Sterling bout

Sean O’Malley has been an entertaining fighter to watch since his entry into the Octagon. He currently competes in the Bantamweight Division and flashy knockouts are always a topic of discussion among UFC fans. Sean is an elite-level striker having trained in kickboxing, boxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu but it is also speculated that his fighting style is rather synonymous with Jeet-Kune-Do.

O’Malley has himself stated the fact that he considers Aljamain Sterling the best bantamweight that UFC has ever seen and that he is not surprised that people expect Sterling to win. The two contenders have also trash-talked each other publicly quite a number of times. Recently, on a Twitter back and forth, Sterling even said, “have you decided your gender yet?” to Sean.

Sean O’Malley boldly claims Sterling fight outcome

Despite hearing a lot of negative speculations from fans, “Sugar” still has not given up hope. He clearly says that he has a fair chance of beating Aljamain using his elite striking skills. He has stated that he is ready to win by any means possible. Of course, Sean will try to go for a flashy knockout if possible but he has also stated that “there’s possibility” that it might go into a decision. 

Sean O'Malley

He has also made bold claims by saying how the fight would go days before he even stepped into the Octagon with Sterling. What he said is as follows – “I go out there, knock (Sterling) out, he moves up to ’45, boom, I carry on what he was doing in the division, taking people out”.

Thus, he has set the UFC fans abuzz by making bold claims about how he is going to knock out the Bantamweight champion.

“Sugar” revealed being inspired by Conor McGregor

When we think of elite strikers in the UFC scenario, we cannot help but think about the legend Conor Mcgregor himself. The Irishman who has made a name for himself by being notorious and showcasing his striking skills every time he stepped into the Octagon is supposedly an inspiration to the Bantamweight who is on his way to glory.

“Sugar” revealed how Conor has been an inspiration to him in multiple ways. He says that he has learned a lot from watching McGregor’s fights and that he is really inspired by the way Conor carries himself. He also added that two people can have “similar personalities” but that does not mean that either one is trying to copy the other.

He stated that it is a dream of his to reach Conor’s level and “surpassing him (McGregor) is definitely the goal, respectfully.

What do you think of Sean (Sugar) O’Malley? Do you think he stands a chance of beating Aljamain Sterling? Will the Bantamweight champion prove once again that he is the champion for a reason? Make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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