Trainer exposes Logan Paul’s “most profitable scam yet” in $250 million business

Garnering attention since the days of Vine, an American short-form video hosting service, Logan Paul has grown to become one of the most famous people on social media. He started his ride to fame by making short comedy skits, then he moved on to combat sports such as boxing to allure the masses after his reputation took a hit due to various controversies.

Ever since his huge blunder which resulted in him almost losing his social relevance, it seems Logan has grown further as a person. He has had boxing bouts with some eminent personalities, made his professional WWE debut, and also opened a hydration drink company with his long-time rival and present friend KSI.

Trainer exposes Logan Paul’s Prime hydration

Unlike one of the owners of the brand, the drink itself is also shrouded in controversies. There are suspicions that the sports drink contains excessive amounts of caffeine which is not safe for youngsters. As we all know, the drink is strongly marketed keeping in mind the youngsters as the target audience.

Other than that, the drink is also artificially sweetened using sucralose and many have speculated that even though it is marketed as a sports drink, it might not be anything close to a sports drink after all. Recently, Jordan Sullivan, the nutritionist for UFC champions had a couple of things to say about Prime.

Logan Paul

Jordan is an expert when it comes to dehydration and rehydration. He says that the right amount of mixture of glucose and sodium is the magic potion for rehydration but Prime as a sports drink goes in “the opposite direction” of proper rehydration. He further adds that it is “absolutely ridiculous” that Prime is compared with any other sports drink in the market.

Being a maestro in the field of nutrition, what Sullivan says about consumables is given a lot of relevance. In this case, it is a huge blow for Prime as a brand as a nutritionist of this caliber has taken on to social media to criticise their drink’s quality in multiple ways. 

Prime tied knot with UFC earlier this year

The announcement of the release of the Prime sports drink was done in 2022. Paul and KSI together have tens of millions of fans all around the world. Therefore, the launch of Prime sent a buzz in the market. The drink quickly raised in the ranks in lieu of a very clever sponsorship strategy that the duo adopted.

The sports drink sponsored  Timmy Hill’s number 13 car for NASCAR and became the official sports drink supplier for  Premier League club Arsenal. The duo did agree that they have certain access and connections to talented individuals which they try to leverage in certain situations like this.

On January 31, 2023, UFC announced that they have entered a ‘global marketing partnership’ with Logan and KSI over their Prime sports drink. The limitations of their terms were not released by UFC, they also did not utter a word about fighters getting a cut of this deal.

The deal did make Prime the official sports drink in the UFC and their logo and drinks can be seen across various events organised by the MMA promotional company.

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