Trae Young told to “approach the game the right way” by Stephen Curry following All-Star snub

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors put on his veteran hat to offer advice to Hawks guard Trae Young following Young’s exclusion from the 2024 All-Star Game.

Stephen Curry shares his wisdom with Trae Young

Stephen Curry and Trae Young faced each other last night and the Warriors lost to the Hawks 134-141 in overtime. Curry finished the night with 60 points and Young with 35 points. After the game, Curry offered advice to Young after the Hawks guard was removed from the 2024 All-Star Game. Curry shares his advice to Trae o how he can get back to the All-Star Game.

The greatest shooter of all time Steph Curry then proceeded to share his words of wisdom saying, “I told him after the game that it would all come back to him if he continues to approach the game the right way: play with joy, don’t let it build any type of resentment just because he’s not acknowledged.”

Eventually, Curry encourages Young to use the disdain as motivation. Curry also seems hopeful about Young joining the team as an injury replacement. Curry further added saying, “There are a couple of injuries in the East, and it might not be the way that he wanted to get in, but he’ll be there in Indiana and be represented… And like I said, if you continue to approach the game the right way, if you continue to work at your craft, if you continue to do what he’s doing, it’ll come back to him.”

Plans for Stephen Curry in All-Star weekend

Stephen Curry will return to NBA All-Star Weekend. Sabrina Ionescu will wait for him. The NBA announced Tuesday that the shooting of two players was real. “Stephen vs. Sabrina” will come to fruition at the All-Star games Saturday Night in Indianapolis on February 17. Curry, the NBA’s all-time three-point leader, will play against Ionescu, the WNBA three-point leader and single-season three-point leader.

During Thursday night’s game between the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings, Curry took the microphone and discussed Lonescu with Warriors teammate Brandin Pozzimski, who surpassed Curry’s three-point streak of 31 in the WNBA.

“I think I need to challenge her,” Curry told Podziemski. Lonescu responded on social media: “Let’s do it! At the three-point line.”

This series of banter led to the much-anticipated 3-point shootout between the unanimously agreed-upon male and female shooters.


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