“Trash” MMA fighters react to UFC president Dana White slapping his wife Anne as footage of altercation goes viral

The first day of this year has not been a blissful one for UFC president Dana White, as a video went viral where it was clearly seen that this Irish American businessman is slapping his wife.

According to the video, it was a New Year’s Eve celebration party, and the power couple was dancing in the VIP corner at El Squid Roe, a nightclub in Mexico City. At one point, Dana tries to say something to his wife, but Anne slaps him right away, and as an instant reaction, the 53-year-old slapped her back.

They both expressed regret over the incident and apologized to one another. Later, when speaking to TMZ, Dana disclosed that their excessive drinking was what actually caused the unwanted incident.

Anne also released a longer statement in which she requested that everyone respect their privacy for the sake of their children. 

However, most of the active UFC fighters kept quiet regarding the incident as Dana White was directly involved with it, but there are some current and former fighters who are not afraid of sharing their opinion. Let’s find out how MMA fighters reacted to the incident.

MMA fighters’ reactions to UFC president Dana White slapping his wife incident

As a fine negotiator, Dana knows how to handle the media positively; as his wife, he instantly apologized, so most of the comments are not negative. Former UFC and Bellator fighter Daren Winn wrote that trash, but nothing happened.

Former MMA artist and stand-up comedian Brendan Schaub considers that the UFC boss handled the issue in a perfect way.

Kevin Lee advised everyone not to drink alcohol, as only drinking could result in this type of unwanted event.

Current Bellator fighter Corey Anderson named the incident a “regular one” for the couple, as both of them seemed normal after the event.

Considering the incident, undefeated American boxer Claressa Shields called 2023 a crazy year.



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