Lana could shut down her premium content website for possible WWE return

Lana was a big name in the WWE and paired with Rusev, they have entertained the WWE fans for years. But in April 2021, Miroslav Barnyashev, a.k.a. Rusev got released by the WWE, and within a year, Lana was also got released by the world’s biggest wrestling promotion.

Following the release, Barnyashev joined AEW and is currently performing under the ring name “Miro,” and C.J. Perry, a.k.a. Lana, started her premium website. However, in a recent interview with The Bailey Show, she shared some memories of her time at WWE.

“My last couple of years in WWE, I had an incredible and very lucrative contract that I had worked very hard and long for, which was an incredible blessing that I’m thankful for. Even on, in the last six months, I’ve grossed more than I did in my highest-paying WWE contract. I’m thankful for that. In the business that we’re in and the times that we’re in, you have to capitalize on everything because you don’t know how long it’s going to last.” 

Perry is even ready to shut down her website if WWE called her to rejoin the promotion, and this 37-year-old would love to make appearances without making any payments.

“If WWE were to call me tomorrow and be like, ‘we want you back,’ it’s not about the money. I would shut the site down and go back because WWE is one of the greatest franchises in the world. Life is not just about money; you have to do what you love. There is nothing in the world like wrestling, and if the opportunity was right for me to return and tell compelling stories and burn the house down, I’ll come back and do it for free.”

It is nearly impossible for Lana to receive another offer after WWE released Mandy Rose for her FanTime page last month, so if she decides to sign with AEW, where her husband currently performs, that will also be a treat for wrestling fans.


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