UFC Announcer Joe Rogan attends UFC-Austin as a fan in the arena

Most of the time during blockbuster UFC events, Joe Rogan is at the centerpiece of a very vibrant UFC commentary team. But at UFC Austin, things were a bit different as Rogan was seen sitting with the crowd instead of sitting in the commentary booth.

Despite not being a professional fighter, Joe Rogan is one of the most popular names in the MMA community. It’s not just because of his commentary skills, where he is as eloquent as it gets, but also because of his stunned reactions every time there is a spectacular ending to the fight. Rogan is also the host of his own podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” which has millions of viewers worldwide. He is known for bringing a lot of intellectual guests on the show.

Rogan, who is also a comedian, has been absent from the commentary booth in some of the latest UFC events. It is peculated that he is not present ring side primarily due to scheduling conflicts between UFC events and his own shows.

But despite not being in the commentary team, Rogan surprised his fans when he attended the UFC Austin event as an audience. He was seen along with his wife in the front rows. While it is surprising that Rogan wasn’t commentating in his hometown show, his appearance in the stands made fans go berserk on social media.

Fans also reacted to Rogan missing a KO as he was texting on his phone

These reactions are enough to sum up Rogan’s influence in the MMA community. While it is unknown when he’ll make a return to commentating, seeing him the crowd gave fans a pleasant surprise. They will, however, be hoping that he makes a swift return to the booth.

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