UFC boss Dana White endorses Elon Musk’s bold approach amid celebrating a personal victory over Taylor Swift

Dana White, known for his unflinching views in the world of mixed martial arts, clearly rallied behind Elon Musk’s position on adversarial sponsors in a bold stance that reverberated across industries. White is adamant that the Power Slap League has surpassed Taylor Swift in social media popularity.

Dana takes a confident stance in support of the league’s rise, emphasizing its dominance over Swift’s online presence. This surprising turn of events demonstrates the league’s formidable impact, marking a significant milestone in its ascension

White unapologetically supports Elon Musk’s stance on adversarial sponsors

Dana White and Elon Musk have a lot in common, it turns out. Recently, the UFC CEO revealed that he had an altercation with a sponsor who told him to remove a social media post in which he expressed support for former President Donald Trump. In response, White claimed to have told the unnamed UFC sponsor to “go f*** yourself” and promised that he would never succumb to pressure like that, no matter how much someone pays him.

Following a mass exodus of advertisers from the social media site due to antisemitic posts, Tesla CEO and Twitter owner Elon Musk said the same thing on Wednesday. “If somebody is going to try to blackmail me with advertising, blackmail me with money, go f*** yourself,” Musk said while appearing at the Dealbook Conference. “Go f*** yourself. Is that clear? I hope it is.”

White backed Musk’s comments at the UFC Austin post-fight press conference, claiming that more business titans likely feel the same way.

“There’s more people than just me and Elon now that feel that way,” White said. “It’s like, just because you sponsor us doesn’t mean you run this business, and you’re definitely not telling me what to do. That’s a fact. That’s never going to happen, ever.”

Aside from his previous issue with a sponsor ordering him to remove a social media post, White also blasted Peloton after comedian Theo Von revealed that the exercise equipment company ordered him to remove an episode of his podcast featuring an interview with presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. When White heard Von’s story, he demanded that all Peloton bikes be removed from the UFC gym.

Dana White celebrates Power Slap league’s victory over Taylor Swift

Dana White recently boasted about the Power Slap League’s social media popularity, claiming that an Instagram reel posted by the slap-fighting organization had received more clicks than any reel uploaded by chart-topping artist Taylor Swift.

The video in question showed Sheena Bathory, a slap-fighting athlete, taking a brutal right-handed slap from Christine Wolmarans in the promotion’s inaugural women’s contest at Power Slap 5 in October. Despite Wolmarans’ efforts, Bathory won the fight by knockout in the second round.

While White’s slap-fighting league never found a foothold on broadcast television, the promotion is said to have a massive online fan base and record-breaking social media viewership. Earlier this year, Dana White revealed at a press conference that the Power Slap League outperformed most major sporting leagues in terms of social media engagement.

Dana White’s acceptance of powerslapping represents an unexpected shift in sports. As he propels the Power Slap League into the spotlight, it foreshadows White’s potential for pioneering unconventional athletic ventures.


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