UFC Champ Israel Adesanya shocks fans with his unique palate preference of ‘Suya’

Israel Adesanya, the UFC fighter of Nigerian descent, spoke about his fondness for the common meal known as “suya” during a recent interview on the Flagrant Podcast. Adesanya declared that he preferred goat meat suya and thought it was the best cuisine in the entire world. He also expressed his preference for Nigerian jollof rice, saying it is superior to all other types.

Considering ‘The Last Stylebender’s birth in Nigeria, later growing up in New Zealand, and spending some time in China during his kickboxing career, his choices are quite interesting as he probably tasted many types of delicacies over the years.

Adesanya reveals unconventional taste

Israel Adesanya, the famed UFC middleweight champion, politely admitted during his appearance as a guest on the Flagrant Podcast that he prefers suya, a delicious treat from his native Nigeria.

Adesanya was prompted by a query about potential feelings of jealousy as a Nigerian in light of Ghana’s recent development, but steadfastly rejected any sense of envy and instead shifted the subject to praising the excellence of Nigerian jollof rice. He said with a proud attitude, “We are not consumed by jealousy; it is important to note that jollof rice originated in Nigeria.”

When asked about a Nigerian chicken skewer delicacy, Adesanya explained that it was none other than suya, which is normally made with delicious goat flesh or tasty cow nose. He explained, saying, “No, no, it is not chicken; typically prepared with goat meat or beef nose.”

Adesanya is expected to make a powerful return to the Octagon before the end of this year following his winning clash against Brazilian MMA legend Alex Pereira in his most recent endeavor

The current expectation is that the two-time middleweight champion would square off against the winner of the eliminator fight scheduled to take place later this year in Australia between renowned South African MMA phenom Dricus Du Plessis and the imposing Robert Whittaker.

Was Israel Adesanya born in Nigeria?

Israel ‘The Stylebender’ Adesanya was born on July 22, 1989, in Lagos, Nigeria, as the oldest of five children. Eventually obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Design from the Universal College of Learning in Whanganui, New Zealand, after completing high school. The mother of Adesanya, Taiwo, is a nurse, and the father of the 33-year-old is an accountant.

A broken arm prevented Adesanya from continuing his early taekwondo training at Chrisland School in Opebi, and before his family moved, he briefly attended Bells High School. They stayed in Ghana for eleven months in 1999 before moving back to New Zealand to make sure their kids attended an accredited school.

Adesanya developed a love for Japanese anime and manga while attending Rotorua Boys’ High School, where he also found comfort from bullying. Adesanya started kickboxing at the age of 19, which marked the beginning of his journey toward martial arts glory. He was inspired by the action movie “Ong-Bak” and Tony Jaa’s abilities.`

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