UFC champion Jon Jones denounces newly signed PFL star Francis Nagnnou’s claims on being “the baddest motherf**ker on the planet”

Tonight, Francis Ngannou made the momentous revelation that he has entered into a deal with the Professional Fighters League (PFL). The news of Ngannou’s new contract, however, led to an unexpected conflict with him and Jon Jones.

What did Jon Jones say to Francis Ngannou?

The former UFC heavyweight champion was eager to sign a contract with a company that would take all his considerations into account and give him proper respect. Ngannou therefore showed his joy upon the PFL contract signing by saying, “the baddest motherf***** on the planet.”

The reigning UFC heavyweight champion didn’t quite like the way Francis announced his PFL deal. Jon took to Twitter to criticize the Cameroonian-French fighter. Fans are eagerly anticipating more of this back and forth between the current and former UFC heavyweight champions. 

“Calling yourself the baddest man on the planet from across the street, who does that?” Jones tweeted. 

Relationship between The Predator and Bones 

In 2021, when they both advocated for better fighter treatment, Bones and The Predator maintained a cordial relationship. In UFC 260. Stipe Miocic was defeated by the Cameroonian fighter to lose the heavyweight title. Francis fought Cyril Gane to defend his gold strap a year later.

During The Predator’s reign in the UFC, Bones was away for three years. The Predator left the UFC in January after spending eight years there, leaving the heavyweight belt up for the grab. Dana called Jon Jones in order to set up a title match with Cyril Gane.

Recently, they may have developed a rivalry as a result of Jon becoming the new heavyweight champion. A fight between Francis and Jones was frequently being discussed, but it was never scheduled. The former light heavyweight kingpin and Ngannou have always drawn the attention of UFC fans for a potential fight.

The two MMA legends might one day face off in the octagon given the remote possibility that PFL and UFC might decide to collaborate. 


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