UFC champion Sean Strickland shares unimaginable experience of fighting in Philippines: “Most fucked up place I’ve ever seen”

The current UFC middleweight champion, Sean Strickland, is well-known for being an outspoken individual. He has the kind of personality that doesn’t hesitate to voice his ideas. Strickland expressed strong views regarding his experience in the Philippines.

Strickland has a reputation for having strong ideas, and this time around, his tweets are making a lot of noise. He even criticized the legal system and added his voice to the buzz that developed into Epstein’s list.

Sean Strickland recalls fighting in Philippines

Sean Strickland, UFC Champion, recently appeared on X and described his experience fighting in the Philippines. As usual, he was very direct in his remarks.

The Philippines, he claimed, is the worst country he has ever visited. There, the girls don’t act with the appropriate modesty. It is a known fact that former UFC fighters vacation there and wander around with prostitutes around them, but no one talks about these things. Strickland made the decision to speak out against these unethical actions.

Strickland said, “I fought in the Philippines once.. Most fucked up place I’ve ever seen. There were girls advertising their age. Very young. Wealthy men, ex UFC fighters with young prostitutes on their arms. These dirty fucks vacation in those Asian countries. It’s not even hidden. Scum..”

Sean Strickland talks on Epstein’s list

Epstein List is currently the talk of the town and is generating headlines. On his list, Epstein has included a few A-list celebs. In a case filed in 2019 concerning the late financier Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide while awaiting prosecution for sex trafficking accusations. In addition to numerous other well-known celebrities including Leonardo Dicaprio, Prince Andrew, Michael Jackson, Stephen Hawking, and many more, his list includes two past US presidents, Donald Trump and Bill Clinton.

When Sean Strickland saw that former president Bill Clinton was included on the list, he became enraged. He claimed that despite Bill’s inclusion on Epstein’s list in the lawsuit, neither he nor the other celebrities on the list will suffer any consequences.

He also called into question Epstein’s demise; based on his remarks, one may conclude that he was advocating that Epstein was murdered rather than taking his own life. He expressed disappointment in these people’s futures since he believes that no one would be held accountable for their actions.

People who featured in Epstein's list
Image Credit: The Times.co.uk

He said, “Shock and awe of Bill Clinton being a pedophile.Nothing is going to happen to him, nothing will happen to any of these fucks. Epstein didn’t kill himself 2 broken cameras, sleeping guards… You can go down the list of the elites crimes. Zero punishment. Bring back the rope.”

Sean Strickland has demonstrated by voicing strong thoughts on contentious issues that he is fearless and that he is a man of integrity and courage who will not back down from raising his voice against wrongdoing. What do you think of his experiences in the Philippines? Tell us in the comments section.


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