Conor McGregor reacts to potential “legendary” feat achievable in Michael Chandler fight

The UFC star Conor McGregor is never out of the news. Every fan of mixed martial arts awaits his return to the octagon. It is much more intriguing now that he has said he will take on Michael Chandler in his comeback, since they have been preparing for this match for a long time.

Sean O’Malley has proposed an intriguing theory: Conor McGregor may be able to accomplish a legendary feat if he overcomes Michael Chandler in their forthcoming middleweight match.

Sean O’Malley highlights potential legendary feat achievable by Conor McGregor

Sean O’Mally has brought attention to a special achievement that Conor Mcgregor might accomplish following the announcement of his fight against Chandler. Conor hasn’t been able to leave his stamp on the promotion since leaving the octagon in 2021.

In his return, he has an opportunity to achieve something else. He will become the first fighter to finish opponents in four separate weight divisions if he knocks Chandler out in the battle.

Sean O’ Mally said, “Interesting matchup at 185, and if he knock out Chandler at 185, he’ll have a knockout at ’45, knockout at ’55…Donald Cerrone, knockout at ’70, knockout at 185: That would be legendary.”

Conor McGregor reacts to Sean O’Malley’s insights

Once the infamous saw Sean’s remarks, he posted his response and reflections on Instagram. Conor is quite active on Instagram and Twitter and is thrilled about his return to the Octagon. His remarks seem to indicate that he is confident in making a spectacular comeback.

Sharing Sean’s remarks, Conor Mcgregor said on his Instagram story, “Making history everyday”. This statement suggests that he is confident about knocking out Michael Chandler in his comeback fight.

Following an injury he sustained in a 2021 fight with Dustin Porier, Conor was sidelined. Since then, he has put a lot of effort into his recovery, and following his recovery, he seems eager to compete, whether it be in boxing or the UFC. In Riyadh, he even put Manny Pacquio to the test. Chandler, on the other hand, has been waiting a long time to stop Conor’s loud mouth, and ever since Conor made the announcement that he would fight him, he has been getting fired up and working hard for the big battle.

For McGregor to become the first fighter to ever shut off fighter lights in four different weight classes would immediately create an iconic UFC moment. It would also prove McGregor’s power remains dangerous as he approaches his 40th year.


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