Ismael Barroso vs O’Hara Davies: 40-year-old boxing veteran clinches WBA interim super lightweight title in 90 seconds

Ismael Barroso, the 40-year-old boxing veteran, demonstrated his remarkable skill and experience in a brief, 90-second match against O’Hara Davies. Ismael secured victory and earned the WBA interim Super Lightweight Championship. This marks Barroso’s return to holding a title after a five-year hiatus.

With a record of 25-4-2, including 23 knockouts, he has once again proven his prowess in the boxing ring. Previously, he claimed the WBA Gold Super Lightweight Championship in 2019. Barroso’s recent knockout victory over Davies follows a previous loss to Rolly Romero, adding to the twists in his career.

Ismael Barroso KO’s O’Hara Davis

After a contentious knockout loss against Rolly Romero in May 2023, Ismael Barroso staged an incredible comeback. Although many thought Barroso wouldn’t be able to stop the British fighter, who is ten years younger than him, Barroso arrived ready to silence critics. In the initial ninety seconds, Barroso swiftly concluded the fight, delivering two knockdowns to Davies.

As Davies failed to adhere to the referee’s instructions, the contest came to an end. Barroso took charge from the beginning, landing a punch to Davies’ face and preventing any chance for defense. Demonstrating his skill, he secured two knockdowns within ninety seconds. Despite not being the clear favorite, Barroso convincingly emerged victorious in the bout.

Ismael Barroso overcome controversial defeat against Rolly Romero

Ismael Barroso and Rolly Romero squared up for the vacant WBA Super Lightweight Title in May 2023. In the battle, he was controlling Romero and had a great appearance. However, Romero’s knockout blow in the ninth round changed the course of events.

Rolly was behind on all three judges’ scorecards at the time of stoppage: 78-73, 77-74, and 76-75. Barroso didn’t appear pleased with Refree’s choice to end the fight. He declared that he had more total punches than Romero, with 297 to 230. He said that the punch barely caused any damage and that he was going to stand up again when Referee broke up the battle with a single blow.

Barroso said, “I think it was an injustice to stop the fight, I was landing the better shots. It was a push on the first knockdown. It wasn’t a big blow or anything. The referee just stopped the fight, and he didn’t say anything. You can see it clearly. I’m the one who’s hitting him. There was nothing clear that he hit me with. I don’t understand why they stopped the fight.”

Ismael Barroso and Rolly Romero
Credits: Ryan Hafey/Premier Boxing Champions

On the other hand, Romero was happy from his win. He said,”I boxed the entire time, I came in a little cold. I got cracked and I got up like a champion and kept going.”

While the outcome remains disputed and may not have pleased Ismael, he is now the interim WBA Super Lightweight Champion following his victory over Ohara Davies.


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