UFC legend Chael Sonnen provides update on Francis Ngannou’s future: “It will be in the smart cage”

Francis Ngannou’s future is still uncertain after leaving the Ultimate Fighting Championship because he hasn’t been able to sign a contract with another organisation as of now. Chael Sonnen, though, may have simply hinted to The Predator’s future in a recent tweet.

Since Francis left the UFC and decided to enter the boxing world, there have been a variety of opinions from various combat sports personalities. Since Ngannou’s departure, UFC Hall of Famer Sonnen has questioned Ngannou’s decision to switch from mixed martial arts to boxing at this particular time in his career. 

What did Chael Sonnen tweet regarding Francis Ngannou? 

Ngannou’s decision to leave the UFC has originally sparked a variety of reactions, with some people praising his bravery and audacity and others disliking it. Sonnen, on the other hand, has long held the opinion that The Predator shouldn’t have given in to the flattery of boxing promoters.

The American submission grappling promoter recently talked about Francis and what the future might have in store for the heavyweight fighter in a tweet. The MMA analyst stated that Bellator, arguably the Cameroonian-French fighter’s best possible choice, has never made an offer to him. 

“Bellator never submitted an offer to Francis. PFL and Francis have come to an agreement. I cannot assure you that Francis is ever going to compete again, but if he does, it will be in the smart cage.Y ou’re welcome.” Sonnen tweeted.

The former UFC light heavyweight title contender previously stated that promoters play a key part in boxing because Ngannou’s primary ambition was to make the transition into a boxer. Boxers rarely have an option but to enter the ring since promoters put a lot of pressure on them to do so in order to please the crowd.

Francis appears to have only one or two potential options left given all the variables. The first is to sign up for the Professional Fighters League, while the second is to get pro in boxing. Which outcome do you believe Francis Ngannou should receive right now? Post your ideas and forecasts in the comments area. 

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