UFC legend Donald Cerrone admits to using drugs after massive 16-year professional career

It has turned out to be a terrible day for the UFC, as one of its legends, Donald Cerrone, has admitted to using steroids. In a recent interview, he revealed his drug use in detail, including how long he has been using drugs and what types of drugs he has used.

Donald started his UFC career back in 2007. He was one of the few fighters that contributed to popularizing the UFC in its early days. He decided to retire this year after a 16-year career for the promotion.

His mixed martial art career has ended in 36 wins and 17 defeats. However, his bittersweet career ended with six consecutive defeats.

Donald while fighting Conor in UFC 246

Recently he shared that he started using steroids after his retirement. Although he started taking drugs at a time when he is no longer required to keep himself clean from drugs yet this information has created a buzz among UFC enthusiasts.

“I was just literally yesterday in Vegas, I was telling everybody I understand why steroids are illegal now that I’m injecting them into my body,” Donald said. 

The cowboy thinks he now understands more clearly why using drugs is strictly prohibited for athletes. While admitting the truth he has also expressed the side effects of steroids. He feels more recharged and extra energetic. 

“I feel like I’m f***ing 20 again. The training would never stop. You could just literally train as hard as you wanted to, wake up the next day recovered and fresh. Recovery would be the biggest [factor], it’s the fountain of youth.” Cerrone added.

The UFC star may have spoken out about his drug use, but when he used to perform in the octagon, he never tested positive for drugs or any banned substance.


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