UFC president Dana White and his Power Slap league bashed for doping scandal as NSAC suspends six competitors

The Power Slap League, a controversial sport promoted by UFC president Dana White, has been hit by a major scandal. The Nevada Athletic Commission has suspended six of its athletes rightly so for using prohibited drugs such as steroids and opioids. The punishment will be in effect until a complete and thorough disciplinary hearing, severely degrading the league’s already tarnished reputation.

NSAC Chairman Anthony Marnell expressed his shock and disbelief at the news, quipping that he didn’t know you needed steroids to slap. Clomiphene and metabolic modulators were found in Jay Rivera and TJ Thomas, who were suspended.

Dana White

The Dana White Dilemma: Can the Power Slap League Overcome Its Doping Scandal and Regain Legitimacy?

The disclosure of these positive drug tests has called into question the Power Slap League’s validity and the integrity of its athletes. This is especially noteworthy given that the NSAC only recently sanctioned the regulation of slap combat, with Power Slap selected as the principal promotion.

Despite the league’s unfavorable attention and criticism, Dana White has jokingly complimented the media for the “Streisand effect,” which has only helped to grow its popularity. He has voiced his anger with the media’s selective indignation, citing analogies to the uncontrolled slap match between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Logan Paul, which went unnoticed.

During a recent media interaction, White stated that the media’s failure to address the unregulated slap contest showed their biased reporting. He also criticized them for subjecting the Power Slap League to intense scrutiny, while ignoring other controversial events.

The Power Slap League and its reputation have indeed taken a serious blow, and it remains to be seen if it can ever recover fully from this unfortunate scandal. The doping controversy has cast doubt on the league’s dedication to fair play and clean competition, and it may take some time for fans and investors to rebuild faith in the sport.

Knocking Out Doping: The Power Slap League’s Harsh Wake-Up Call

In conclusion, the Power Slap League’s doping scandal is a reminder that clean competition is essential for the legitimacy and growth of combat sports. The NSAC’s banning of six competitors sends a clear message that doping will not be allowed in any form of combat sport.

While Dana White may be sarcastic about the media’s portrayal, the Power Slap League’s reputation has been seriously harmed as a result of this affair. The path to redemption will be long and arduous, but with the correct steps, the Power Slap League can reclaim its supporters’ faith and establish itself as a respectable and recognized combat sport.


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