UFC star Tony Ferguson convicted of DUI charges after crashing his truck into Mercedes in Hollywood

Yesterday midnight outside a club in Los Angeles, Tony Ferguson’s truck smashed into a number of other parked cars, landing him in serious problems. Tony was detained in the station for a few hours before being released.

How and why was Tony Ferguson detained by the LAPD?

The former lightweight interim champion had a wild night out in a Hollywood nightclub. It appears that the 39-year-old fighter’s irresponsible driving was caused by alcohol consumption. The Californian boxer had already damaged a couple automobiles, including a Mercedes, before security arrived. 

When Los Angeles Police arrived at the scene of the collision, they discovered a few cars that Tony’s truck had damaged. Several police reports state that the El Cucuy was incredibly uncooperative throughout the police procedure. The veteran MMA fighter also declined to submit to a field sobriety test. 

Tony caused the collision by flipping his truck in a risky manner in addition to crashing into two parked cars in the parking lot. The veteran UFC fighter was taken into custody at midnight on charges of driving while intoxicated and other misdemeanors. 

EL Cucuy hasn’t competed since losing to Nate Diaz in UFC 279. Kevin Lee, however, indicated his desire for a rematch with Ferguson earlier in March. Given that Tony has already lost five straight fights, even if he hasn’t yet commented on the fight offer, it’s safe to assume that he might just be excited about a rematch with his former octagon foe.

The next morning, Tony was granted bail, which was set at $30,000. Rapper Cash Gotti has asserted ownership of the Mercedes that Tony wrecked. The lightweight fighter, still has problems because he must appear in court on June 1. 

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