What does Lionel Messi’s wife Antonela Roccuzzo sell? exploring her business venture

Antonela Roccuzzo is the most popular celebrity wife of the current decade. Lionel Messi fame and fortune were enough for her to lead a comfortable life without any potential financial worries but she chose to follow her heart and became a model and a businesswoman.

So, let’s learn more about her business ventures.

What family business does Antonela Rocuzzo have?

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Antonela comes from a family background where everyone values the importance of hard work and perseverance. And with the passion to do something out of the ordinary, her family established a supermarket chain business. After having success in their initial opening, they opened up 8 branches throughout the city of Rosario.

What new business venture Antonela Rocuzzo started with CASTiFY?

The ravishing lady has recently got engaged with CASTiFY which is a global tech company offering various tech-related products and items. Her main reason behind linking up with the company is entirely based on humanitarian issues.

The project for which CASTiFY seeking Antonela’s collaboration is focused on promoting gender equality, a safe working environment for women, women empowerment throughout the course of life, and also safe motherhood.

However, it is not the first time when the spouse of Messi is raising her voice in support of safe motherhood. She has always been very vocal about the superiority of a mother in both the family and the society.

The profits of the company from selling their products will go to non-profitable foundations that are working relentlessly for women.

How many followers on Instagram does Lionel Messi wife Antonela Rocuzzo have?


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The model has attracted millions of followers for her own accomplishments and the stardom of her soccer player husband. She has a fan base of over 37 million on Instagram.

How many years is Antonela Rocuzzo older than Lionel Messi?

Well, it is unknown to many of Messi’s fans that the World Cup winner is younger than his wife in terms of age. But don’t panic because his dear wife is nearly one year older than him.

The wife of the soccer pro is a hard-working woman who is focused on standing on her own foot and doing something with her own endeavor. And self-conscious woman like her is the epitome of modern women who also want to chase their dreams.

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