UFC Vegas 67: Jimmy Flick’s return to MMA from retirement gets spoiled by Charles Johnson

Jimmy Flick’s comeback from retirement in the MMA world fell short. At UFC Vegas 67, Flick faced off against former LFA champion Charles Johnson. Unfortunately, Charles ruined The Brick’s new year by defeating him in the first event of the year. Though Flick wasn’t pleased with the stoppage, for the time being, the bout was all Charles Johnson’s.

Jimmy Flick was once considered a top prospect, but his retirement kind of damaged his reputation. Although he decided to come back from retirement, the floor was too far away from him. Charles Johnson was the opponent for the comeback fighter. Having said that, it all went downhill for the 32-year-old inside the octagon. In the octagon, Flick tried many tricks to outsmart Smart InnerG, but it didn’t help.

The 32-year-old would get back on his feet, but not without sustaining some damage from Johnson. InnerG then started moving his hands, putting together a combo that involved both his body and his head. He immediately had Jimmy on the defensive end and continued to beat him, dropping to his knees for a takedown attempt against the fence. Then the Brick tried to land an attack from behind, only to slip to one side. With that, Johnson ends up on top, dropping elbows and hammer fists on his opponent until the referee waves it off.


Regardless, the fight did not go well for Leo Perrucci’s pupil. Charles, on the other hand, began the year with a blaze. He has now won two games in a row. Later on, he added, “Being tough ain’t enough at this point. These guys are all champions.” Indicating that he still has room to grow and learn from his experiences. So the opening fight of UFC 2023 went to the ground far too soon.


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