UFC Welterweight Belal Muhammad sees upside in Colby Covington’s title shot: “I think it worked out better for me.”

Belal Muhammad, the undefeated UFC fighter, is set to take on Gilbert Burns at UFC 288 next month. He discussed how Colby Covington’s opportunity to win the title ultimately benefited him in a recent interview. When Colby Covington was given the opportunity to battle Edwards, it caused a lot of backlash within the division. 

Belal Muhammad

‘The Hated But Deserving’ Belal: The Fighter Who’s Better at What Burns Is Good At

Muhammad, who has made his feelings for ‘Chaos’ clear in recent times, candidly shared his thoughts on the situation. “That was the cool thing about the whole situation,” Muhammad said. “Them giving the shot to Colby, I think it, like, worked out better for me because that’s when the fans started being like, ‘All right, well, bro, that doesn’t make any sense at all. This guy’s on an eight-fight winning streak. He has history with Leon. What else does he need to do?’

Even the haters, I was getting so many messages, like, ‘I hate you, but you deserve the title fight.'” Muhammad’s confidence in his skills is evident as he prepares for war against Burns. He believes that Burns hasn’t fought anyone like him, who can push it, move, and adjust in-fight like him.

He has been studying Burns and his style and knows what to expect. “He doesn’t really change his game plan or his style up. And this being a short-notice fight, there’s not a lot of strategy that comes in it from his side. It’s like, ‘Well, I’m gonna do this because I’m good at it,’ but I’m better at what you’re good at.”

Belal Muhammad: The Unwavering Confidence of a Formidable Fighter

Muhammad’s focus and determination are evident in his words. He is demonstrating that he is a strong opponent in the octagon with his amazing winning run. The fight between Belal and Burns is sure to be exciting, with both fighters bringing their A-game. As UFC 288 approaches, the tension is high, and the excitement is palpable. Belal Muhammad’s unwavering confidence and determination in his abilities are what make him a formidable opponent in the octagon.

With his unique fighting style and in-fight adjustments, Muhammad is sure to put up a good fight against Gilbert Burns. The world of combat sports is always unpredictable, but one thing is for sure – the clash between Belal and Burns will be a battle to remember. May the best fighter win, and may the fans be treated to a display of heart-pumping, adrenaline-fueled action in the octagon.

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