MMA star Sean O’Malley expresses concerns over the drastic Belal Muhammad weight cut prior to Gilbert Burns UFC 288

MMA fans around the world are gearing up for the highly anticipated fight between Belal Muhammad and Gilbert Burns at UFC 288. However, Sean O’Malley, the rising UFC star, has expressed his concerns over Muhammad’s massive weight cut ahead of the bout.

In a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel, ‘Sugar’ O’Malley talked about the impact of such a drastic weight cut on Muhammad’s performance against Burns. O’Malley highlighted that if Muhammad weighs 200 lbs, cutting 30 lbs could significantly affect his performance in the octagon.

Sean O'Malley

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O’Malley voiced doubt about the wisdom of weight loss while understanding the motive behind it. “The sh*t that that dude’s had to do and win to even get to this point is absolutely insane, so if he is cutting that much weight, strategically, business-wise, I’m like that might not be the smartest thing,” he said.

Burns vs. Muhammad is an important contest because the winner may face the winner of the forthcoming welterweight title match between Colby Covington and Leon Edwards. O’Malley also discussed the forthcoming boxing battle between Nate Diaz and Jake Paul in the same video. ‘The Problem Child’ will be Diaz’s opponent when he debuts in professional boxing on August 5. Diaz was a former TUF winner.

O’Malley believes that Diaz will approach the fight with a lot of motivation, knowing that he cannot afford to lose to Paul. “Like ego-wise, Nate’s [Diaz] a gangster, bro. People still look at Jake, he’s a boxer, he can box, he can throw, but he’s still Jake Paul to some people,” he said.

The Wisdom of O’Malley: Insights on Weight Cutting and Nate Diaz’s Quest for Redemption

In conclusion, Sean O’Malley’s comments on Belal Muhammad’s weight cut and Nate Diaz’s upcoming boxing match against Jake Paul are insightful and reflective of his knowledge and experience in the UFC and combat sports world. O’Malley’s observations on the potential impact of Muhammad’s weight cut on his performance against Burns highlight the importance of careful planning and strategic decision-making in the lead-up to a fight.

Similarly, his thoughts on Diaz’s motivation and determination to prove himself in the ring showcase the tenacity and grit required to succeed in the competitive world of combat sports. As always, O’Malley’s analysis serves as a reminder of the talent, brains, and commitment required to succeed in these high-stakes, adrenaline-fueled environments.

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