Warriors HC positive on Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green trios continued thriving, dismissing Michael Jordan’s Bulls comparison

Steve Kerr, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, is not contemplating the possibility of coaching Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green for the last time, even if the Warriors are eliminated from the playoffs. In an interview with 95.7 The Game, Kerr expressed his confidence in the team’s future and stated that the trio still has a lot to offer.

Drawing from his experience of playing on the Chicago Bulls’ “Last Dance” team, Kerr pointed out that the team was finished mentally and emotionally, whereas he doesn’t feel the same way about the current Warriors team. He firmly believes that Curry, Thompson, and Green have several years of good basketball left in them.

In their last game, all four of Curry, Thompson, Green, and Andrew Wiggins played for over 37 minutes, with Thompson and Curry both playing more than 40 minutes. In preparation for their crucial Game 5, the Warriors have canceled their morning shoot-around, giving the players some much-needed rest.

Kerr emphasized that such exertion is not sustainable over an entire season but said that the players are well-prepared and well-rested for the playoffs, which is why they can maintain such high levels of performance. With a good 48 hours of rest before Game 5, Kerr is confident that his players will have all the energy they need to complete a comeback.

Despite being in a three-games-to-one deficit against the Los Angeles Lakers, Kerr remains optimistic about the Warriors’ chances of winning another championship. If the Warriors’ season comes to an end, he is confident that his trio of Hall-of-Famers will return to compete for another championship next season.

In conclusion, Kerr remains confident in his team’s ability and future prospects. While acknowledging the challenges posed by the playoffs, he believes that his players are well-equipped to overcome them and win another championship.

Golden State Warriors Look to Stay Alive in Playoffs After Controversial Game 4

The NBA has acknowledged a massive missed call in the final seconds of Game 4 between the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors in their Last Two Minute Report. The report revealed that Andrew Wiggins’ foot was out of bounds when he made contact with the ball after Klay Thompson and Wiggins tied up Anthony Davis, which should have resulted in possession for the Lakers instead of a jump-ball call.

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However, the Warriors ended up winning the jump ball, but the missed call did not result in points for them. The NBA also admitted that Moses Moody should have been called for a foul on Dennis Schroder’s rip-through with 57 seconds remaining, which should have resulted in two free throws for the Lakers.

Despite these two incorrect rulings, the NBA says every other play in the final two minutes of Game 4 was called correctly. The Lakers won the game 3-1, and will now look to close out the series in Golden State.


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