“We are too dumb To change”: Pat McAfee addresses speculation surrounding potential move from FanDuel to ESPN

Pat McAfee, the former NFL punter turned popular sports personality, has been making waves in the media lately with rumors circulating about a potential move from FanDuel to ESPN. He hosts the wildly popular “Pat McAfee Show” and signed a lucrative four-year, $120 million deal with FanDuel in 2021, which includes an opt-out clause after the third year. Fans and media alike have been speculating about the possibility of him leaving his current network, but the man himself has finally addressed the rumors.

Although McAfee vaguely addressed the rumors during Tuesday’s show, he and his crew seem committed to staying put. He stated that he and his team are “too dumb to change” networks and have faced similar rumors. McAfee seems to be a man of his word, so the fans can rest easy knowing that he plans to stay with FanDuel.

Will Pat McAfee Stay Put or Move to ESPN?

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It’s worth noting that the current deal with FanDuel is worth a staggering $120 million over four years, with an opt-out clause after the third year. Leaving now would cost him millions, so it would take a substantial offer from ESPN to make it worth his while. Whether or not ESPN is willing to pay up remains to be seen.

Pat McAfee’s fans can rest easy knowing that he plans to stay with FanDuel for the time being. Despite rumors of a potential move to ESPN, the former NFL punter addressed the speculation on his show, clarifying they are not going to shift to ESPN. 

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While it’s always possible that things could change in the future, it seems that for now, the “Pat McAfee Show” will remain on its current platform. As one of the most popular sports personalities in the media today, the former NFL punter’s loyal following will undoubtedly continue to tune in for his unique brand of humor, insight, and entertainment.

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