Watch: Conor McGregor Shows off His Private Gym on His Lamborghini Yacht

UFC megastar Conor McGregor has shown off his private gym aboard his Lamborghini super Yacht! One of the highest-paid athletes in the world, Conor does whatever he wants. He brought the Yacht for upwards of 4 million USD! He even has his very own customized gym inside the yacht to get his workouts done while out on the sea enjoying his life in peace as he recovers from a devastating leg snap injury!

Here is the clip of the in-boat gym posted by Conor McGregor on his Twitter feed:

McGregor captioned the video “Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready in the gym on the yacht”. It means even though Conor is enjoying his time on a yacht, the fighter inside him still lives on and needs to train constantly to keep his killer instincts and fighting skills in top shape!

McGregor is also a very savvy businessman and no one can beat him when it comes to branding his products! In the yacht-gym video, he can be seen marketing his sporting equipment brand, “McGregor Fast”. This is a fitness app and apparel selling brand which has earned him millions of dollars! Conor also brandishes his whiskey brand “Proper Number 12, Irish Whiskey” on his other yacht! Yes, Conor McGregor is rich enough to have choices when it comes to Yachts!

Conor has invested heavily in turning his Yacht into a sea-faring billboard for his very own whiskey brand. Proper number 12 is Conor McGregor’s highest grossing business venture yet!


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