Watch: Ex-UFC champ Alex Pereira nearly knocks out his prankster son with fearless approach

Alex Pereira’s journey to UFC glory has been nothing short of spectacular. Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he embarked on his martial arts journey in his early twenties. Pereira’s dedication and hard work eventually led him to the world of professional kickboxing, where he became a two-division champion in GLORY, holding titles in middleweight and light heavyweight divisions.

Recently, Pereira was featured in a video where his son attempted to prank him, but it proved unsuccessful. Pereira’s son is known for being a notorious prankster; he trolled the knocked-out Israel Adesanya during a kickboxing bout in Brazil. In return, Adesanya famously returned the favor by trolling Pereira after his knockout victory at UFC 287.

Watch: Ex-UFC champ Alex Pereira nearly knocks out his prankster son

Alex Pereira recently found himself in an unusual situation that not only showcased his combat skills but also highlighted his remarkable composure under pressure. A video posted on social media captured the moment when Pereira became the subject of a prank.

When Alex Pereira opened a door, a costumed prankster suddenly leaped out at him. This caused a momentary startle. What followed demonstrated “Poatan’s” exceptional instincts as a highly trained fighter. He immediately assumed a fighting stance, ready to respond with a right hand.

What sets Alex Pereira apart from many fighters is his adaptation to situations. He adapted quickly to MMA from Kickboxing as he won the light heavyweight title in his 7th professional fight, 4th in the UFC. In the video, split second after the initial shock and realizing it was a prank, Pereira’s discipline and control were evident.

Alex Pereira

MMA fans are accustomed to witnessing his incredible fighting skills inside the octagon. He most recently defeated Jan Blachowicz at UFC 291. He held his own against Blachowicz in the grappling realm even when his back was taken by the Polish fighter in the first round. Periera was criticized for his wrestling and grappling in his first fight against Israel Adesanya.

Alex Pereira teaches his kids Brazilian jiu-jitsu on IG live

One of the defining moments in Pereira’s career was his victory over Jan Blachowicz. In a highly anticipated bout, he showcased his grappling prowess, a prowess which was non-existent in his previous bouts inside the UFC.

Alex Pereira recently shared a video on X (formerly Twitter) of him training his children in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The Brazilian first demonstrated the techniques with his child and then observed from the sidelines as his children grappled with each other. “Poatan” is known to be very close to his two children, and they, along with his girlfriend, consistently accompany him during fight week, always seated cageside.

Alex Pereira

Glover Teixeira is the head coach of the former middleweight champion. Texiera and Pereira share a close bond and the former light heavyweight champion is also a mentor to “Poatan”. Texiera has equipped Pereira with grappling prowess that was very evident against the fight with Blachowicz.

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