Watch: Florida basketball fan gets physical with Kentucky’s Cason Wallace during SEC game

On Wednesday night, an SEC game was played between the Florida Gators and the Kentucky Wildcats, and one fan got involved in a rather impolite manner.

Competition in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) basketball league is usually fierce and physical. But when one supporter threw his arm around a Kentucky basketball player’s neck, things quickly went worse.

Kentucky player Cason Wallace was seen on camera landing in the first row of spectator seats after diving for a lost ball. Another fan from Florida, along with many others, seemed to have placed his arm over Wallace’s neck as he ran back into the action.

After this, play on the court was immediately halted. After reviewing the action, the row of spectators who had been participating was ejected from the stadium.

Several people flocked to social media to criticize the Florida fan for this behaviour, which has no purpose in college basketball.

Fans have the right to express their displeasure via actions like heckling and booing. No matter how unintentional the contact may be, it is never acceptable to physically contact another player.

The worst part for Florida is that this fan engagement was their finest defensive performance of the game.

After allowing 46 points in the second half, Florida lost to the Wildcats by a score of 82-74. Kentucky has now won three in a row, which might serve as a significant confidence boost before this weekend’s challenging SEC showdown against Auburn.



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