49ers QB Brock Purdy’s ongoing elbow injury to potentially affect team’s offseason approach

Unfortunately, there’s some unfavorable news regarding Brock Purdy and the San Francisco 49ers’ training camp on Tuesday evening. 

Brock Purdy, the team’s quarterback, was set to undergo surgery for his torn UCL this week. However, the operation has been postponed due to continuing inflammation. After meeting with Dr. Keith Meister in Dallas, Texas, the surgeon suggested that Purdy wait until the swelling in his right elbow subsides before proceeding with the procedure. The medical staff plans to meet again in early March, and it appears that a UCL repair is still likely.

During the first series of the NFC Championship game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Brock Purdy sustained an injury to his right elbow. An outside linebacker Haason Reddick hit his arm as he attempted a pass.

As a result, he was unable to throw a pass downfield for the rest of the game, causing the 49ers’ offense to struggle in the second half. It ultimately led to a 31-7 defeat to the Eagles.

After seeking multiple second opinions for several weeks, it was concluded that Mr. Irrelevant, Brock Purdy, required a UCL repair rather than the more invasive Tommy John surgery, also known as a reconstruction. 

The recommended treatment will involve the use of an internal brace, which will require a six-month recovery period. This is a less time-consuming option compared to the latter procedure, which typically requires a year of recovery time.

However, with the delay of his injury, the situation gets worse for the 49ers. 

Coach Shanahan stated that the team is still looking for the best available player who can fit within their team structure and salary cap, but their team structure may have to be adjusted given Purdy’s uncertain timeline.

He also shared that team was more comfortable with Prudt and Trey Lance. Talking about the new quarterback he said, “The best available that can fit into the structure of our team and the salary cap and all that, but the best one available.” 

The legal negotiating window for free agency is set to open on March 13th, and if the team does not receive a clear timeline for Brock Purdy’s return by then, they will need to decide on a replacement quarterback without knowing the extent of their need for him. 

Dealing with a major elbow injury for a quarterback during the NFC championship game was never going to be easy. Purdy’s return to the game is now more uncertain. Let’s wait and watch how the 49ers will tackle this situation. 

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