“You never know what could happen” MLB star Aaron Judge reveals whether he can match last season’s 62-home run record

In 2022, Aaron Judge established a new American League record with 62 home runs. Fans are wondering if he intends to repeat his success this year.

The New York Yankees star stated, “You never know,” during a club practice on Monday in Tampa, Florida.

Aaron informed the media, including the Associated Press, “I don’t really like putting a number on it. I just kind of like going out there and trying to control what I can control, but you never know what could happen. So, we’ll see about 62.”

The 62nd homer run put Judge in exclusive company with baseball legends Babe Ruth and Roger Maris.

Judge won the American League Most Valuable Player award, a Silver Slugger, and an All-Star selection.

This beast topped the MLB in several offensive categories, including home runs (62), runs batted in (131), hits (.425), walks (28), and hits per strikeout (1.11).

Aaron’s career in pinstripes will be secured by the nine-year, $360 million deal he signed after a season in which he hit.311. For those consistencies at home, that’s an annual income of $40,000,000.

Furthermore, Aaron Judge was named Yankees captain for the first time since Hall of Fame shortstop Derek Jeter.

“Last year was fun chasing history and having those moments,” Judge stated. “Every time we play in New York I feel like you’re chasing history. It’s never a cakewalk in the Bronx, that’s for sure. You have to embrace those challenges.”

Judge, on the other hand, is focused on leading the Yankees to another World Championship. This is a challenge they haven’t overcome since 2009.

Judge stated, “It bothers me, and I think it bothers the group as well, Every year we don’t finish what we started, it wears on us in different ways. I think every failure pushes you towards that ultimate goal.”

Judge’s primary objective has been the same from the start.


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