WATCH: Jose Aldo in tears following induction into UFC Hall of Fame 2023

Arguably the great Brazilian MMA fighter Jose Aldo was overtaken with emotion during his induction into the UFC Hall of Fame 2023. Aldo was spotted crying tears of delight and appreciation as he collected this prestigious award in a touching moment. The ceremony took place at the UFC 290 lead-up event, and it recognized Aldo’s achievements in the sport.

Aldo has fought some of the toughest fighters across different weight classes and eras. His latest stint at the title was going strong as well until he fell short against some of the top contenders.

Jose Aldo’s induction into the UFC Hall of Fame 2023

The highly anticipated UFC Hall of Fame ceremony unfolded on UFC Fight Pass, captivating fans with a series of events leading up to the grand induction ceremony. The red carpet shimmered with the presence of renowned fighters, commentators, and personalities, igniting an air of anticipation and excitement.

Amidst this fervor, the induction of Jose Aldo into the illustrious UFC Hall of Fame 2023 became a poignant and profoundly significant moment. Overwhelmed by a surge of raw emotion, the Brazilian mixed martial arts legend shed tears of joy and gratitude as he embraced this prestigious recognition.

Aldo struggled to express the intensity of his feelings in an interview with ESPN’s C. Contreras Legaspi. He conveyed his heartfelt thanks for the road that lead him to the UFC, surpassing his initial aim of being a champion and realizing so much more through an interpreter.

Jose Aldo UFC career highlights

Aldo has made an unforgettable stamp on the Octagon, from his spectacular debut in 2008 until his entrance into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2023. Aldo’s career highlights are plentiful, with his most notable accomplishment being his reign as the UFC Featherweight Champion.

He successfully defended his title a staggering nine times, displaying his dominance and exceptional skill set. Aldo’s technical striking, lightning-fast kicks, and elusive footwork became his trademarks, leaving opponents in awe and fans on the edge of their seats.

Notable victories over esteemed fighters like Chad Mendes, Frankie Edgar, and Urijah Faber further elevated Aldo’s legacy. His devastating knockout of Mendes in their rematch showcased his explosiveness and precision, while his unanimous decision win over Edgar demonstrated his ability to outclass top-tier opponents. He has an impressive MMA Record: 31-8-0

In addition to his featherweight exploits, Scarface made a move to the bantamweight division in the later stages of his career. Despite facing tough competition, he showcased his versatility and tenacity. Although falling short in his quest for the bantamweight title, Aldo’s resilience and fearlessness were on display.

The culmination of his exceptional career came with his induction into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2023. How would you rate the Brazilian’s journey? Let us know below!


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