Watch: Liverpool star Luis Diaz’s dad returns home after being abducted by the National Liberation Army for 12 days

Liverpool’s left winger Luis Diaz was having a great career and a good life, but all of that came to a halt when the player received bad news on October 28. Luis Diaz’s dad was kidnapped a few weeks ago, causing the player to take a lot of stress and miss out on a game.

Luis Diaz’s dad is known to be a simple man, and his kidnapping surely raised a few questions. Both fans and authorities took the matter seriously and did all they could to reunite the Colombian with his father.

Luis Diaz’s dad returns to his family.

After being away from his family for two weeks, Luis Diaz’s dad was once again returned to his home by the authorities on November 9. The 26-year-old was very happy to see his father again, and he himself was filled with joy to be back where he belongs.

Upon his return, he spoke to his neighbors through a megaphone and thanked everyone, saying, “Thanks to God for this second opportunity to bring me back home, and thanks to all the people of Barrancas, La Guajira, and Colombia for the immense support they have given to my family.”

The Colombian football federation was also very happy that their player’s dad is now back. They also released a statement thanking the government and all those who were involved in making this possible. The statement read: “The Colombian Football Federation thanks the National Government, the Military Forces, and the National Police, as well as all the institutions and officials that made the release of Luis Manuel Diaz, father of our player Luis Diaz, possible.”

How did Luis Diaz’s parents get kidnapped?

Not only Luis Diaz’s dad, but his mother was also kidnapped. The couple was taken away at a gasoline pump in Barrancas. Several armed men on motorcycles arrived at the scene and forced the two to go with them. Diaz’s mother, Cilenis Marulanda, was rescued hours after the kidnapping. The police set up roadblocks and successfully found her.

Luis Diaz's dad
Credits: Fox Sports

On the other hand, Luis Diaz’s dad was not so lucky. Luis Manuel Diaz was held in captivity for 12 days before being released. It has now been confirmed that the kidnapping was done by an ELN unit, which has accepted that it was a mistake.

It is great to see the Liverpool winger being reunited with his dad, and hopefully he will never have to go through something like this again.


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