Watch: MMA fighter foils mass shooting attempt at strip club by disarming man in Devil Mask

A possible bloodbath was prevented in Tampa, owing to the courage and presence of mind of a security guard. The security guard with an MMA background heroically disarmed a visibly disoriented gunman who barged in and tried to shoot up a gentleman’s club.

Mon Venus dancers club was having a gentle, breezy morning on Sunday. The renowned club, however, hardly had a clue about what could hit them next. What could have been yet another tragic national event was prevented at the heart of it. 58-year-old security guard Manuel Anthony Resto immediately handled the situation as soon as he could assess what was about to happen. Later on, police suggested that Resto indeed stopped an ‘Attempted Mass Shootout’.

Manuel Resto, aka Manny, in a press briefing after heroically disarming the suspect

The suspect was identified to be 44 years old. The man, going by the name Michael Rudman appeared with a mask on. Judging from his gestures, Resto, known to his friends as Manny, put his years of MMA practice and professional wrestling expertise to use. He let his instincts take over, thus preventing a potential fatality.

How did the bouncer with MMA and wrestling experience handle the situation? 

Police reported that Rudman, the culprit, was not even in the right mental state to speak. He arrived wearing a red devil mask, and could not properly utter words. However, Manny deduced the situation from picking up clues within an infinitesimal amount of him. Rudman had “kill” and “darkk[sic] one” penned down on both of his arms.

Even though Resto inferred the entire scenario as a prank from a middle-aged man, he was mentally prepared to encounter the situation should things start going south. Upon seeing the man pull out a gun, he could sense the worst possible scenario to be potentially in effect.

Security footage has surfaced capturing the entire scene. Rudman, incoherently, moved towards the club door, drawing a gun. Manuel, immediately recognizing the threat, jumped on the perpetrator. The two of them struggled in between. However, using his combat knowledge, Resto gained the upper hand.

Even though Anthony was significantly older, he gained the high ground by evading punches and delivering some counters with precise timing. Resto’s crew mates eventually came to his aid and disengaged the perpetrator.

What happened to the suspected shooter?

The situation, however, has not affected Rudman as much, as the police reported. Police categorized him as a mentally struggling individual with a history of domestic violence. Interim police chief Lee Barcaw gave a statement, mentioning their ongoing investigation into the captured individual’s motive.

However, he has been slapped with battery and assault charges along with making an arms purchase while being under a risk protection order. The individual is currently detained at Falkenburg Road Jail.

Suspect Michael Rudman, 44, faces several charges ranging from battery, and assault to receiving firearms while being under RPO

The situation could have escalated quickly, turning into yet another horrifying bloodbath. Resto needs a round of applause for rising to the occasion and putting his years of experience and practice into protecting lives.


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