Watch: Russell Westbrook snaps at reporter over ‘crossed-up’ Lakers question following win vs Blazers

The Los Angeles Lakers were defeated once again by their city rival, the Los Angeles Clippers, at Arena. They were defeated by a 115-133 score, despite a one-man show from superstar LeBron James.

This year’s Lakers season has been erratic, with the team losing five games and winning five in the last ten. They are currently the 13th seed in the Western Conference, with several missed opportunities to lift themselves up.

The game against the Clippers had produced another shambolic performance by the Lakers team. Only LeBron James, with 46 points, stood out on the scoreboard; Russell Westbrook, who came off the bench, came in second with 17 points. but that low effort was enough to let him be fired in the press conference.

What did Russell Westbrook say in the postgame press conference?

Russell Wilson was asked about a fumbled-up play in the fourth quarter in which he threw a pathetic inbound pass to Dennis Schroder during the postgame press conference leading to the clipper gaining another eight points.

When a reporter asked about that play, referring to a ‘crossed up,’ the nine-time NBA all-star became agitated and said, “What’d you mean crossed up?” What’d you mean? How were we crossed up?”

The reporter quickly rephrased the question, “Did you guys get crossed up on that play?” But the PG denied the allegation, saying, “No, It was a five-man play, it wasn’t between me and Dennis,” which opened another opportunity for the journalist.

“Okay what went wrong on that inbounds play?” the journalist further inquired. “It was a turnover,” Westbrook appeared to respond.

Westbrook is having quite a contest with his teammates, as he has not been up to par in his contributions lately. This might be an effect of his previous disgruntlement with the coach and desire to leave the franchise for a while. But no solution is on the way right now.

The veteran scored an average of 15.8 points with 6.3 rebounds and 7.5 assists per game in every 28.6 minutes of his 46 appearances this season.

Do you think Russell Westbrook is dedicated enough to play for the Los Angeles Lakers? How much impact he can conjure in the future for the team? Leave us your opinion in the comments.


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