WATCH: UFC star Conor McGregor’s touching interaction with teen boy, gives $3k to purchase figurines

During The Ultimate Fighter 31 filming, Conor McGregor shared a touching moment with a young boy. Everyone loved the heartwarming moment as the Irishman gave the kid a sizeable sum on the spot. 

The Notorious has received backlash and controversy throughout his career due to his gruff demeanor and trash-talking manner, but he has also shown the opposite side of his character by standing behind causes that are significant to him.

Conor McGregor’s heartfelt moment

The young boy named Samuel Romero brought an action figure for the UFC superstar which he customized by himself. Mystic Mac was surprised to see the boy’s talent and decided to get them for his kids back home. 

“He puts all these different parts of all these different wrestlers. He made me and made a few other guys. It can turn at the wrist, it can turn at the elbow. My son Junior loves that he can make all different positions with the guy.” Conor said. 

Romero was surprised when The Notorious handed him $1,200 (€1,112) for the action figures. Conor then welcomed the kid in the UFC Apex Facility. 

With his fiancée Dee Devlin, Conor has three children: Conor Jr., who is five years old, Croia, who is four, and Rian, who is 22 months old. The Irish pair have been close friends for more than fifteen years at this point, and McGregor and Devlin have been engaged since 2020. 

Does McGregor do charity work?

Over the course of his mixed martial arts career, Conor has participated in a number of humanitarian activities. Mystic Mac frequently finds ways to give back to the community by contributing extra money to various Irish nonprofit organizations. 

The former two-division UFC champion made a major philanthropic contribution in 2018 when he gave €1 million to a few children’s hospitals in Ireland. McGregor’s personal experiences as a young child, when he needed medical attention, served as the inspiration for this act of kindness. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the Irishman also made efforts to aid the community by giving personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals in his nation to aid medical personnel.

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