“Well, these f*ckers are trying to send me merchandise” Kevin Holland blames Logan Paul, KSI for lowballing fighters to promote ‘PRIME’

When Logan Paul teased a potential move to the UFC, many combat sports enthusiasts were extremely excited at the prospect of the older Logan brother facing off against proper fighters. But when the deal turned out to be just a partnership between UFC and Prime drinks, many reacted frustratingly, which now includes Kevin Holland who got offered a deal.

‘Trailblazer’ recently came out to discuss a promotional offer he received,

“Prime, yeah, I don’t know if it’s run by both of the [Paul] brothers? Both of the sisters? And KSI. So, the Paul sisters and KSI, Mrs. KSI. Well look, these guys say that they are going for fighter advocates right? They’re all about fighters getting paid more. Well, these f*ckers are trying to send me merchandise and other fighters merchandise to rep (represent) them, but they don’t want to pay any f*cking money.”

“I think they offered Oren (Holland’s manager) like $600 for a main page post,” Kevin Holland revealed. “I don’t know if this was the company or not, it’s either they offered $600 or no money at all for a main page post, which is pretty f*cking low. They offered $500 to somebody with 200,000 followers,” he concluded.

Why is Kevin Holland angry about Logan Paul-KSI?

The Paul brothers and their circus of Y0ouTube fighters have had problems with the UFC from the start. They are often seen comparing themselves to some of the best of the bests and claiming to beat them easily. Jake basically started an organization in name of fighter pay advocacy even though he is accused of similar issues.

Logan started off the new deal by going after Paddy Pimblett who is not liked much by some of his peers but is still a colleague in the sport. So some level of dis approvement towards the Youtubers was to be expected. Offering money as low as $600 is indeed insulting to most MMA fighters.

What is your opinion on this new UFC partnership?


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