“What a bully”: Internet reacts to Jon Jones’ drunk hackling of stand-up artist

Jon Jones was in attendance at the Def Noodles Comedy Club in Los Angeles, continuously passing comments and heckling Dennis Feitosa (known as ‘Def Noodles’), a stand-up comedian, during his show.

The incident has been caught on camera, and the heavyweight champion finds himself facing disapproval from the internet.

Jon Jones allegedly hackles comedian during live show

Jon Jones is currently the UFC heavyweight champion, and he was set to defend his title against Stipe Miocic in UFC 295. However, he suffered an injury, leading to its cancellation. As a result, the fighter has been making trips around the world while waiting to recuperate.

According to First Sportz, Def Noodles, a comedian, was up on stage and performing his routine as per usual. The only strange thing being that a man in the audience kept hackling and interrupting his routine. The man was obviously under the influence of alcohol and kept passing comments.

Def Noodles assumed it to be an ordinary citizen who jad just a few too many to drink. However, the citizen in question turned out to be Jon Jones. He handled the situation with wit and made humorous jokes to smoothen the continuous interruptions.

However, after finding out the identity of the hackler, Def Noodles uploaded the whole incident to his YouTube channel. Although one couldn’t visibly see ‘Bones’ in the audience, the voice and tonality suggested it was him. Also, Dennis Feitosa confirmed it was the UFC champ who heckled him.

via Def Noodles

UFC fans react to drunk Jon Jones

Jon Jones interrupted comedian Def Noodles routine with continuous hackling much to the surprise of UFC fans. Jones was last in the headlines for having a session with the Bulldogs in Australia. Jones is known for giving back to the community in unexpected ways.

The heavyweight champion also has an extremely loudmouth and he trash talks his opponents regularly and is not shy to voice his opinions. ‘Bones’ serves as a real role model for people, which is why this behavior upset a lot of fans. Fans were disappointed at the heavyweight champion for his act.

They suspected Jon Jones could’ve had a potent drug alongside alcohol, which led to the following behavior from him. Further, they mentioned past instances of Jon Jones’ history with substance abuse and claimed he hasn’t changed.

Jones has now made headlines for the wrong reasons and the community is probably waiting on him to issue an apology. What do you think of this incident? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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