‘What are we even talking about’ Aljamain Sterling claps back at Marlon Vera over excessive weight cut allegation

Good old weight classes never seem to catch a break from heated debates. Many current UFC fans might not be aware of the early days when fighters used to just fight each other regardless of their weight differences. A similar argument has recently broken out between Marlon ‘Chito’ Vera and Aljamain ‘Funkmaster’ Sterling.

Recently Marlon made an appearance in the Beleive You Me podcast hosted by former middleweight champ Michael Bisping and current Light-heavyweight fighter Anthony ‘Lionheart’ smith. The Bantamweight, directly and indirectly, accused many fighters of abusing drugs and cutting huge weights to secure unfair advantages.


Reigning Bantamweight champ Aljamain Sterling was accused of cutting a high amount of weight to make the scale. The Ecuadorian claimed, “I believe people are cheating even until this day, I really believe that. I heard there’s drugs you can take and literally overnight [the banned substance] kind of like disappear… but I would probably rather die than cheat. That’s just me right”

Aljamain was not about to let such accusations slide and took to his own youtube channel to respond. Aljo responded to the claims of fighters who lose too much weight being easy to knock out. He also questioned Marlon’s dual attitude toward him and asked the fighter to pick one definitive pattern of behavior. However, Sterling avoided talking about his own weight.

Aljo tried to rebut Vera’s claims saying, “I’ve literally ran face-first into a knee against Marlon Moraes and I got faceplanted, Chito, Dom, Frankie, Yanez, Merab, Umar, Gardbrant — the whole Bantamweight division can go do the same exact thing — and get hit on the same exact spot from the force of a kick like that, and I guarantee you, you are sleeping. What are we even talking about?”

‘Funkmaster’ concluded by demanding a clarification regarding ‘Chito’s attitude saying, “I don’t know which side of the fence you’re on here, buddy. You gotta pick one. We don’t gotta be best friends, you don’t gotta be a dick. And we can be best friends, or you can be a dick. Which one do you want? I don’t get it. You’re confusing me.”

Marlon Vera is set to fight against Cory Sandhagen and Aljamain Sterling is set to take on returning two-division champ Henry Cejudo for their next matchups.


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