Floyd Mayweather reveals plans to have UK exhibition bout in February

Floyd Mayweather can’t seem to get away from the ring even after retirement. The former unbeaten boxing champ has almost literally started to fight anybody and everybody now but those fighters don’t seem to affect his reputation positively. The American has now revealed another potential bout that is scheduled to take place in the UK during February.

Mayweather retired with a bang in 2017 after a globally acclaimed match against UFC’s Conor McGregor at the famous T-mobile arena in Las Vegas. McGregor at the time was believed to be at the top of his game and with impressive records like the 13-second knockout against Jose Aldo, many expected the Irish to put up a good fight against the ‘Pretty Boy’ of boxing.

Floyd beat up ‘The Mystic Mac’ handily and won by TKO to maintain his 50-match unbeaten streak. It was time for the future hall of fame to sail off into the sunset. Fans also bid the champion goodbye and acknowledged him as one of the greatest to ever do it. Unfortunately, There was more to Meaweather’s story.

Why is Mayweather’s return Controversial?

“You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain’ is a line with pop-culture origins but it fits into many real-life scenarios shockingly well. Mayweather announced on Instagram that he was ready to make a comeback inside the ring once again back in 2020.


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‘Money’s later exhibition matches were against mostly inferior boxers, YouTubers, and whatnot. The match against Logan Paul ended in a draw and damaged Mayweather’s reputation greatly. But Floyd claims he has to continue fighting to finance his ‘expenses’ which fans doubt are even necessary.

Floyd Mayweather Boxing 2023
Floyd Mayweather’s ‘necessary expenses’ via The Sun

While speaking with The Sunday Telegraph Mayweather said, “About is planned in the UK for 2023, In February we’re looking forward to coming here and putting on an exhibition for the fans in the UK, because I’ve never had a chance to come over here and fight when I was actively boxing as a professional – so hopefully in February I’ll come over and do an exhibition if it’s possible.”

Currently, no concrete information is available on his next opponent.


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