What inspired Mike Tyson to gush about Conor McGregor’s boxing prowess against Floyd Mayweather?

Iron Mike Tyson has always been how and too vain the compliment any other fighter or opponent he has faced. But there is one fighter Iron Mike truly admires, that being the notorious Conor McGregor!  Mike Tyson seems to be Conor’s biggest fan in combat Sports. 

Iron Mike went on a podcast where he got an emotional talking about what Conor McGregor did against Floyd Mayweather. Who he thinks is the greatest boxer in the last hundred years. 

The fact that Conor McGregor did not have any professional boxing matches before facing off against arguably greatest of all time, Floyd “Money” Mayweather and went 10 Rounds with him was astonishing to Mike.

Mike was full of praise for Conor’s performance against Mayweather he believes Conor accomplished something great despite losing the battle.

Here is the footage of the podcast where Mike Tyson was gushing will Conor’s performance over Floyd Mayweather:

It is evident that Mike was very pleased by Conor’s performance against Mayweather. The praises were heartfelt and genuine from Mike Tyson.

Later on in the same interview, Mike revealed that his respect for Conor McGregor increased a lot after his fight with Floyd. Before that, Mike was not very fond of McGregor’s Antics in and outside the ring. 

Despite a resounding TKO loss against Mayweather, Conor seems to have earned something much more important, the respect and admiration of arguably the best  and scariest heavyweight boxer of all time, Iron Mike Tyson.


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