What is inside Chris Paul’s new book Sixty-one? Unravelling CP3’s bond with Grandfather and NBA journey

All-Star player Chris Paul has recently published his memoir, writing about his memories with his grandfather. He has included his learnings from the man, who was the first Black man in North Carolina to run a car service station. He has also written about his family, the way they shaped his outlook on life, and his desire to give back to the world. 

The book, titled “Sixty-One: Life Lessons from Papa, On and Off the Court,” is a deeply personal account of CP3’s layers of relationships with Nathaniel Jones. Jones, unfortunately, passed away at the age of 61, marking the source for the title of the book. 

What is Chris Paul’s book Sixty-One about?

CP3 announced the release of his book right after the confirmation of a trade deal that would send him off to the Washington Wizards. The trade also brought Bradley Beal to the Phoenix Suns but has left a question mark on the certainty of Chris playing with the Wizards.

In the book, Chris talks on his life beyond basketball and the influence his grandfather played in making him the person he is, how faith and family act as a foundation for his life, what it means to be a positive role model, and why it’s necessary to set a proper example for generations to come.

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The star player scored exactly 61 points in a high-school basketball game right after the passing of his grandfather. He deliberately shot a free throw out of bounds at the end so as to not surpass the special number. 

This just proves how important the book and its contents are for Chris and justifies why he seems to have devoted pretty much all his time to its promotions right now. 

Chris Paul’s love for his grandfather

Paul’s intimate bond and sheer respect for his grandfather is evident when he is quoted saying:

“He was everything… I talk about it in my book, just the way his hands looked, it was just so nasty with oil and stuff on them all the time. He didn’t care… the love that he showed to our entire family is something that I’ll never forget.”

The story of the book is emotional enough in itself, but so is the title and the number- sixty-one. This book is a testament to the player’s close bond with his ‘Papa’ and how big a part his grandfather played in his early life.

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It is, therefore obvious that Chris Paul is now interested to uphold Jones’ legacy to his fans and well-wishers. The story of Sixty-One is expected to be a sentimental tribute from one great personality to another. 

There probably could have been no better moment for its release than on Chris’ own Wizards trading day. This has likely been a befitting homage to his grandfather.

What are your thoughts on the player’s heartfelt tribute? Let us know your opinions on the book in the comments. 


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