What is Jamal Murray’s Instagram hack scandal? Exploring Nuggets stars’ social media controversy

Jamal Murray,a vital player of the Denver Nuggets representing the Canadian national team. The professional basketball player made his NBA debut as the 7th overall pick of the 2016 NBA Draft. Since his rookie days, the player has been in the center of the spotlight for his top-notch athletics.

However, his personal life is filled with many scandals and controversies. So, let’s have a look at his Instagram hack scandal which stirred up a lot of criticism at that time.

What is Jamal Murray’s Instagram hack scandal?

In March 2020, An intimate video of the couple’s privet moment featuring the Nuggets player and his girlfriend Harper Hempel got licked in Jamal’s personal Instagram account and also got removed immediately. However, his fans and followers took screenshots and spread that among the public.

Later, in a statement, Jamal said that his account had been hacked by someone, and the video was leaked intentionally to blemish his image. He added the video was made public without his knowledge and the culprit should be identified and brought under punishment.

The leaked video literally went viral across various social media platforms sparking huge criticism against Jamal and his girlfriend.

Who is Jamal Murray’s girlfriend?

NBA star Jamal Murray claims he was hacked after sex tape leak as  girlfriend Harper Hempel begs fans to delete video – The Irish Sun | The  Irish Sun

Harper Hempel is a multi-talented working woman of the current century who possesses skills in marketing consultancy and photography. The lady has her own business venture known as ‘Harper Hempel Photography’. She went to the University of Kentucky and completed her graduation there.

Are Jamal Murray and Harper Hempel still together?

The couple met each other in school and is together for a long time. Through ups and downs, their romance has flourished over the years. However, there are rumors of their break up surfacing on the internet but still no official statement has been made by either of the party.

As a top pick, expectation over Jamal was quite high and the athlete through his performance proved his worth. In 2017, during his rookie season, he was awarded NBA All-Rookie Second Team scoring a career-high 30 points that time against New Orleans Pelicans.

Let us know your thoughts on the Jamal Murray Instagram hack scandal and its impact on his image. Do you believe his claim of being hacked or there may be more to the story?

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