When does the Singapore GP begin? Exploring remarkable hotel room’s transformation into $62,000 suite for F1 event

F1 fans throughout the entire globe have been hyped up about an upcoming event happening on September 17, 2023, which is said to be the very first grand event happening on the street circuit in Asia. It is none other than the famous event, “The Singapore Grand Prix,”  which is going to occur on the Marina Bay Street Circuit. This is the first street circuit built in Asia specially designed with keeping Formula One races in mind.

The Singapore Grand Prix is surely going to be an exciting race, as it will take place in the dark of the night. The track has recently undergone several changes, which should make it even more exciting and challenging for the racers.

When does the Singapore GP begin?

The Singapore Grand Prix is going to be very unpredictable this year as it is happening on the very first street circuit built in Asia. The Singapore GP is known as one of the most unique and challenging tracks on the Formula One Calendar, which is going to keep the fans engaged throughout the entire event.

The main event is going to take place in Marina Bay Circuit on September 17, 2023. The information about the ticket prices is now available too. Singapore GP 3-Day tickets have ticket prices between $275 to $1,845 for various grandstands. 1-Day tickets for the Singapore GP would cost anywhere between $126 and $917 depending on the grandstand and any event day you choose. 

Reigning world champion Max Verstappen is thought to be the favourite to win the race; however, seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton is optimistic about providing a steep competition. 

How does a hotel room transform into a $62,000 suite for Singapore GP?

Singapore Hotel rooms are being transformed into hospitality suites in two business days ahead of the Singapore GP. Bookings are made about a year before the race, and not only rooms are being reserved before, but also the hotel restaurants and the hospitality suites. The suites have an amazing view of the track below, which is why it is so famous among F1 race lovers.

The suites cost about $62,000 on the weekend. However, along with that, there are improvements in security, housekeeping, food, etc. 188,000, 000 chefs are working for the Main Menu which consists of about 500 kg of seafood, 150 kg of wagyu beef, 2,000 bottles of champagne for the weekend, 1,000 macarons and 600 cheesecakes.

Additionally, housekeeping also has plenty of cleaning arrangements for the guests throughout the day with room cleanings moving from morning till evening without disturbing the guests. Staff are expected to wash about 24,000 pieces of linen a day including special requests from celebrities and F1 Racers.

Singapore GP

Fewer than a dozen hotels are located along the Street Circuit but along with that businesses across the city will seem to flourish too this weekend.

The President of the Hotel Association, Kenneth Li commented regarding this matter:  “The benefits from this event will not only be concentrated in one area but also across the whole country and other centers apart from hotels for example shopping centers, tourist spots, etc.”

Overall, the upcoming Singapore GP event has proved to be beneficial to the entire industry of business in the country. Do you think $62,000 is worth the Hotel Suites? Please let us know in the comments below!


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