‘When I have doubts, I often wonder what he would have done’ Victor Wembanyama’s admiration of late NBA star leave fans in awe

The youngster Victor Wembanyama has already shown enough potential to invite immense attention from the teams and NBA fans alike. He is considered a generational talent as no other contemporary rising star comes close to him in comparison. NBA fans were astounded when the 18-year-old recently revealed a tear-jerking fanboy moment while discussing his admiration for late Los Angeles Lakers icon Kobe Bryant.

Victor Wembanyama stated in a recent interview that he was an “absolute fan” of the late great Kobe Bryant and that he held him in the highest regard. The 2022 Pro A champion admitted that, since the five-time NBA champion’s passing, he had thought about Bryant almost every day. Wembanyama added that he was shocked by Kobe Bryant’s passing.

Wembanyama reportedly held Kobe Bryant’s “spirit, work ethic, and game philosophy” in the highest regard. The youngster strives to push himself outside his comfort zone each day and is motivated by Kobe’s success. Wembanyama added, “When I suffer when I have doubts, I often wonder what Kobe would have done. And I know I would have done more.

Wembanyama’s tear-inducing revelation about Kobe Bryant has left the fans excited about his future in the NBA. One of the fans hoped, “He’ll join the Lakers in his prime.”

Victor Wembanyama is the name that has created more buzz than any other player for the upcoming 2023 NBA draft. Most of the teams are already eyeing him because of his exceptional physique and unparalleled skills. No wonder all the teams want this player on their side, who is simultaneously fierce and fearless on the court. Time will reveal who can finally bag this rare gem.

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