‘When it comes to war, he’s a savage’ Israel Adesanya cautions Jake Paul to ‘be careful’ vs Anderson Silva

Jake Paul has never lost a boxing match and has an 80% knockout ratio in his five professional boxing appearances. Jake has previously defeated former UFC champions, Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren. The YouTuber-turned-boxer will now take on UFC legend Anderson Silva on October 29th, 2022, at Gila River Arena in Phoenix, Arizona.

Anderson Silva has an impressive MMA resume and holds the record for the longest title reign in UFC history. Following his departure from the UFC, the Spider made his boxing debut in March 2021, appearing four times and winning three times while knocking out his opponents twice.

As it seems, age could be the differentiating factor for the 47-year old champion, but Silva has a huge experience advantage over Paul, which makes the fighters round off equally. Jake Paul relentlessly promoted this boxing PPV event through his social media handles. 

On the part of promotion, Jake Paul invited Israel Adesanya in his youtube show BS w/ Jake Paul. Throughout several fighting-related conversations, the former Disney star asked Styleblender to predict the winner between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva’s clash.

Adesanya started the prediction by warning the YouTube star to not take Silva easily as the spider knows how to fight.

“Bro, you gotta be careful. I gotta be honest with you. You gotta be careful, man. Like, Silva – I think Logan  DM’ed me a while ago when he was gonna fight Silva, and kind of asked me my opinion, and I was like, ‘If you take this fight, take it seriously ’cause he’s no joke.’ Silva is the master. He’s the mastermind, man.”

Styleblender didn’t stop there. He also mentioned Silva is a humble person but the spider is from the street. The 47-years-old champion is a really hard opponent to fight with.

“He’s a friendly guy, I love Silva. He’s cool and he’s a humble dude, genuine dude as well. But when it comes to war, he’s a savage. He’s from the streets, bro. You gotta remember, this guy is from the streets, from the favelas. He don’t give a f**k”

With all of this, Adesanya also believes that Silva can be beaten as the former middleweight champion is not at the peak of his career. 

“You (Jake Paul) can get it done. Silva can be beat.”

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