Who should top contender Curtis Blaydes fight next to finally get his title shot following Cyril Gane vs Jon Jones matchup at UFC 285 confirmed

Curtis Blaydes has had a long journey to the top of the UFC ladder. Just when it seemed like the 31-year-old was about to get a chance to fight for the title, a mega fight between Jon Jones and Cyril Gane got booked. Now ‘Razor’ has to go through a few more fights against some of the toughest fighters in the heavyweight division.

Blaydes had one of the hardest reception matches inside the UFC as his debut opponent was Francis ‘The Predator’ Ngannou. ‘Razor’ tried to put up a fight but the raw power of Francis was just too much. In the end, One of Curtis’s eyes got badly swollen and the referee handed the fight to his opponent via TKO.

Blaydes believed that he could get that win back against the Cameroonian so he prepared for an October return. This time he came back better and managed to rack up continuous wins against Cody East, Daniel Omielanczuk, Daniel Omielanczuk, Mark Hunt, and the legend himself, Allistair Overeem.

This time Curtis was calling for a rematch against Ngannou and UFC decided to oblige. Unfortunately, Francis had turned into an even more ferocious beast now and he knocked out the challenger within 45 seconds via a vicious KO. The 6-foot-4 giant took a bit to recover from this loss and wouldn’t be back until March 2019.

“That’s cool with me, I get why Gane got the shot and it wasn’t based off meritocracy and that’s not a news flash, the UFC is always gonna to match make based off who puts the most asses in the stands and eyes on the fight. I hope I’ll only need one more win to prove I can put asses in the stands and get a title shot.”

The 31-year-old has suggested a fight against Sergei Pavlovich who has climbed the ranks by knocking out all but one of his opponents in the first round.

When do you want to see the Heavyweight prospect back inside the Octagon?


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