Who won the most Women’s singles titles at Wimbledon? Revealing the glorious list of legends

Wimbledon is the oldest, most prestigious Grand Slam tournament and it is a title that all tennis players desire to win. The All England Club had been hosting only male tennis players since 1877 as they politely kept rejecting the inclusion of women

However, the ladies’ singles event launched in 1884 and quickly attracted the attention of tennis fans around the fans. 

Since the Open era as well, the greatest female tennis players in the history have graced the grass court several times. It thus raises the question as to who the greatest female player in the demanding and prestigious All England Club London court. 

Who is the “Queen of grass”?

Lawn tennis has established to be very demanding of the athlete and the new generation tennis players struggle to adapt to the good old grass surface

Quickly after the women’s singles had commenced, Charlotte “Lottie” Dod immediately took the reign and dominated the Championships five times in the 1890s. 

In the Open Era, Martina Navratilova holds the record for most number of Wimbledon titles. The Czech-American star won the title nine times (1978, 1979, 1982- 1987, 1990). She won the title for six consecutive years as well (1982–1987)!

Navratilova was an absolute sensation back in the day and completely dominated the field, consecutively winning tournament and tournament. The lefty attacked her opponents with her serve and volley game. Her fitness and quick movements that played as her advantage on the grass surface.

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Taking all of these into consideration can one say that Martina Navratilova is the greatest player on the grass surface, surpassing even Roger Federer who actually has one less Wimbledon title than her?

Helen W. Moody stands next to have won the Wimbledon ladies title 8 times. D. Lambert Chambers, Serena William co-hold the next spot, having won the Wimbledon women’s singles 7 times. 

How many Wimbledon did Serena Williams won?

The American has been arguable one of the greatest tennis players throughout history. Out of her 23 Grand Slam, 7 are Wimbledon. Meka has been feared by opponents to go against in the grass surface. Serena has the strongest serve and returns. Not only did she have complete control, but also attacked her opponent each point. So much so the competitors felt like they ‘don’t have a say in the point’.

Williams made attempts to come back and win the prestigious Slam title. The great Navratilova has also shared her admiration for Serena’s determination. Although, the star did not have the luck after her win in 2016. 

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History as evidently showed the command that women athletes have has in the grass surface court. After this look back into the history of Wimbledon, who do you think is the true ‘Queen of Grass’?  

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