Why Did Rajon Rondo Allegedly Threaten His Ex-wife She Is “Dead”?

Rajon Rondo has allegedly threatened his ex-partner by pulling out a gun and telling her that se is “dead”.

Rajon Rondo’s ex-girlfriend has reportedly filed an emergency protective order (EPO) against the Cavaliers guard in Louisville, stating that he pulled a gun on her and threatened her in front of their children.

According to Rondo’s former partner Ashley Bachelor, the former Celtics player lost control last week when she ordered their kid to separate laundry as he was playing video games with Rondo. Rondo allegedly became enraged and removed the video game console from the wall, according to Bachelor. He then went about the home smashing things and telling Bachelor she was “dead.”

Bachelor also said that Rajon Rondo left the house, and returned 15 minutes later with a gun. He also demanded that she bring their children out. Bachelor initially brought out their son, who was terrified of Rondo. Rondo pulled him out of the house to ask him why he was so scared.

Rondo then insisted that Bachelor bring out their daughter, and chastised both children for being afraid of him. Rondo’s parents eventually arrived, and he departed the scene.

Bachelor said this is not the first time such a thing has happened, ” “I am extremely fearful for my safety and for the safety of my children,” Bachelor wrote in her request for a protective order, per TMZ. “Rajon has a history of volatile, erratic, explosive behavior. He is verbally, emotionally, and financially abusive. He physically hits our son and calls him names like ‘p—-‘ and accuses him of acting like a ‘b—.’

“Rajon verbally assaults our daughter. He calls her names like ‘thot, b—-, and d—head.’ Rajon has made several threats on my life, saying at various times he will shoot me or shoot up my car.”

Rajon Rondo Career

This past season with the Cavaliers was Rondo’s 16th in the NBA. The four-time All-Star spent eight seasons in Boston. He is one of the Celtics’ best known players, and has won the NBA championship twice in his career. But such allegations will no doubt put a stain on his image.

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